Pattrick A. Lewis

I was born in Vidor, moved to Orangefield, then moved back to Vidor again just in time to graduate high school. I sang in the choir, played in the band, dated some girls, drank some beer and then later joined the Mormon church. After high school, I left Texas, moved to Las Vegas and played in a rock band before I joined the army. Once in the army I made some friends, drank some more beer, had some fun and met my future wife. I stopped drinking beer, became a good Mormon, got out of the army and became a Mormon missionary. I quickly returned home, got married, moved to Las Vegas, started college, started a family and worked as a house painter. After my son was born, we moved back to Texas, tried to stay employed and joined the Coast Guard when money got too tight. In the Coast Guard – we moved to Baltimore, had a daughter, made a few friends and got transferred to Alabama. Working in the Coast Guard in Alabama we made some friends, enjoyed our small children, moved into a nice house and felt secure. In 1995 I left the Coast Guard, moved back to Vidor, worked for a law firm and served in the Mormon church while going to college and raising my family. In 1998 my third child was born. In 1999 I left Vidor, went to work in Houston for another firm and eventually came back to work for a beauty pageant until the end of 2001. Moved back to Houston to work for the same big firm, bought a house in Pearland, built a pool, made some friends and left the Mormon church. I drank some more beer, made some cool non-Mormon friends, had some eye-opening experiences, made some money, and traveled a lot. My two oldest kids moved out, I got divorced, then later married Heather. These days, I am the Marketing Manager for Abbott & Associates in Houston, Texas. I don’t drink as much beer now, and I don’t get as crazy as I used to. Life is not always easy, but it’s almost always good.

My Earliest Memory

I think my earliest memory is early 1970, believe it or not. I was probably 2 years old. The reason I think this is my earliest memory is because I once described the memory to my mother, who instantly recognized the place and description of what happened was...

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Do You Have A Profile on Hatebook?

I miss the days before Facebook, when people’s opinions weren’t so openly (an often aggressively) shouted as fact, and men didn’t judge one another based on their religious beliefs or who they voted for. Living as a liberal in Southeast Texas is not easy.

All day, every day, I see hateful propaganda (most of which are half-truths and many of which are outright lies) posted by people who I believe are otherwise trustworthy and intelligent. And now… I’m seeing posts by some of my conservative Facebook friends insisting that I (or anyone who supports the president) unfriend them.

Gee Whiz. If I insisted that my conservative Facebook friends remove me from their list, I’d be left with about 20 Facebook friends.

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Clueless Americans Need to Get A Clue

WHAT I HATE: I hate it that the Internet, talk radio, and cable news have turned the majority of Americans into political armchair quarterbacks. America was a nicer place before politics became a polarizing, spectator sport. Now... anyone who made it past 5th grade...

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