QUESTION BY A FRIEND: How did anything Obama was responsible for effect my day to day life? How has anything Trump has been responsible for effect my day to day life? Im curious. And apparently uninformed…  So fill me in y’all…


ANSWER:  I’ve never believed that the president has a lot of effect on the economy one way or the other in the short run. I think that lots of deregulation prior to 2009 caused the housing meltdown, but that took years, can’t really blame G.W. Bush for that. I do think that the stimulus packages from Bush and Obama helped invigorate the economy, but Congress had to approve the spending in the end. The “Trump Tax Cuts” are really the result of congress, as the president doesn’t have the authority or power to levy taxes, although they can back the ideas of the president, ultimately, it’s THEIR tax bill. But the president is the “front man” and as head of state of a nation that credits and blames presidents for everything, I’m sure many Americans think the current economy is ONLY the result of the current president.

As head of state, the president has lots more influence over foreign policy. It will take a little while for the effects of the tariffs to be felt nationwide, although perhaps some manufacturers and farmers are starting to feel the sting already.

If you have loved ones or friends who are living in the U.S. as legal resident aliens, you may have true cause for concern.

That’s what I think.